Royal Canadian Legion - Branch#1

Middleton, Nova Scotia

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The next General Meeting and Election of Officers for 2021 will be held on December 15 2020 at 7 pm.

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middletonlegion Privacy Policy

Last modified: 27/01/2014

Privacy at middletonlegion & all it sub domains

This policy statement is designed to be as open and transparent as possible so that you know exactly how your personal information is being collected and used, or shared, and why.

If you have any questions, concerns or inquiries regarding privacy policys at middletonlegion or any of its subdomains, please send an email to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Information Collection and Use

You are not required to register in order to view and use much of middletonlegion. However, in providing our full range of services, we may collect information in the following ways:

If you choose to submit content to middletonlegion, you will be required to register. Registration consists of completing our Registration Form, which asks you to provide basic contact information such as name, email address, and password.

Your profile is the only personally identifiable information collected by middletonlegion. This information is used to contact you about areas of middletonlegion you have expressed interest in, and to help maintain our high standards of user-generated content.

You are also given the option of providing more detailed information , It is not a requirement however we do encourage you to do so, as it will help us provide a more personalized experience.

Middleton Legion Branch 001 are the sole owners of the information collected on all middletonlegion websites.

Log Files
middletonlegion automatically collects information sent by your browser whenever you visit our website. This log information includes your Internet Protocol address, browser type, browser language, date/time stamp, referring/exiting pages, internet service provider, and operating system.

We use this information, none of which can identify individuals, to administer the website, track trends in traffic about the site, and monitor effectiveness of links or pages.

A cookie is a small string of characters stored by your browser. They are not computer programs, and cannot perform any operations on their own. Once a user has signed-in, we use Session cookies to identify you, so that once signed-in you can move freely about the site without further need to identify yourself. This makes it much easier for you to navigate our site. We also use Persistent cookies, in order to save your preferences for your next visit.

You will always have the option to reject cookies, and rejecting cookies will not interfere with viewing the site. However, as signing-in requires the use of Session cookies, these areas may not be accessible as long as cookies are turned off.

Communications to middletonlegion

Any emails, letters, or other communications sent to middletonlegion may be stored or saved so that we can respond to your inquiries.

When you click on a link on middletonlegion, the fact that it was clicked may be recorded so that we can continue to improve our users’ experience. Link usage is not tied to any personally identifiable information.

When using the comment feature on middletonlegion, any personal information revealed may be viewed, collected, and used by other users. middletonlegion is not responsible for any personal information you provide in these forums.

Communications from middletonlegion

In order to keep you better informed, you may be contacted for the following reasons:

Service Announcements
From time to time you may receive notices about changes to the operations of the website. These notices will appear on the general site and may also be emailed to you. While the notices on the site will be automatic, you may opt-out of the emails at any time (Please see “Choice and Opt-Out,” below).

Updates and Newsletters
You may periodically receive updates and newsletters from middletonlegion. If you do not wish to be contacted for promotions or updates, you may opt-out at any time (Please see “Choice and Opt-Out,” below).

You may be contacted periodically with promotions and updates from our sponsors in your community. If you do not wish to be contacted for promotions or updates, you may opt-out at any time (Please see “Choice and Opt-Out,” below).

We will always do our best to respond to your inquiries quickly and accurately. Our response may come to you via email, mail or telephone, depending on the method of your original correspondece and what we deem the most appropriate method for our response.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

We do not share your personally identifiable information with anyone unless we have reason to believe its disclosure is required to protect our rights, or comply with a legal investigation, court order, or law.

Aggregate or group information is shared with third parties as part of our business partnerships. Information in this form is not personally identifiable.

Third-Party Advertisers

We use software called 'adsense' and 'Komoona' to handle all of the advertisements at middletonlegion. The advertisements on our site may contain cookies or tracking tools such as Clear GIFs, which are used to track advertising usage and effectiveness. None of the information gathered by the this software is personally identifiable.

Choice and Opt-Out

One of the key principles of web privacy is choice. You will always be given the option to opt-out of the collection or use for certain purposes of personal information at the time we ask for it. We do not currently collect sensitive information, however if it is provided, its use will require you to opt-in. If at any point you no longer wish to receive promotions, service emails, updates or newsletters, please feel free to follow the opt-out information contained in those communications.


We take information security seriously. Any personal information we collect is secured through both digital and physical means, and access to personal information by our employees is strictly on a need-to-know basis. Despite these security precautions, no means of security is perfect, and therefore please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee the security of the information you provide with absolute certainty.

Ownership Transitions

In the event of a merger, acquisition, or sale of a portion or all of our assets (which include your personal information), you will be notified in advance through email and notices on the website.

Access to Information

We will always make a good faith effort to allow you access to information regarding the existence, use, or disclosure of your information, and to amend or delete such information. However, there may be circumstances where your request cannot be fulfilled, such as if we are required by law to retain the information for a specific length of time, or if your request would be prohibitively expensive or extremely impractical.

Changes to this Policy

This policy statement may change from time to time. While we expect most of these changes will be minor, large changes may be necessary as the site grows, and notice of these changes will be prominently displayed. The version may be identified by the “Last Modified” date at the top, and old versions will be kept in our archives.